MaxBet Academy

One of the most important pillars of MaxBet's business is the investment in the education of its employees.

In 2013, MaxBet management took the strategic decision to establish the MaxBet Training Center, part of the Human Resources Department. Its objective being the creation and internal delivery of training programs as adapted as possible to the requirements of the gambling industry for clients and last but not least to the development needs of all MaxBet employees, both in the operational area and in the company's support departments.

In order to fix the knowledge and the real development of the competencies targeted in the courses, the MaxBet trainers communicate with the participants periodically through follow-up actions or personal coaching sessions.

We constantly pursue the improvement of the organizational activity, the development of solid relationships based on trust and mutual support in our teams as a support for all those who want to evolve professionally within the two MaxBet companies.

We support the internal promotion of our employees, both in the operational area and in the other departments of the company.

Every employee has real chances of promotion in MaxBet companies if he has at least 1 year in the company, the basic technical skills necessary for the position and the desire to continuously improve.

99% of the operational management is promoted internally and, at departmental level, the promotion of the employees from our network of gambling halls is the first option. Currently, 50% of MaxBet support department specialists are internally promoted.

We are aware that the skills, knowledge and competencies of our employees represent our most valuable asset and that is why we will permanently and responsibly support the personal and professional development of each MaxBet employee!


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