About the company

The leading position in the gambling industry in Romania, in the last 13 years, but also the market share of 7.5%, confirms that MaxBet is a strong, safe and stable company, being in continuous expansion. 

The quality of the experience offered, along with the diversity and modern character of the entertainment available are always reflected by the satisfaction of the gambling participants. It is about a recognition of superior performance, indicated primarily by the healthy and assumed evolution of the business, but also by the numerous awards of the industry and other entities. 

At the same time, MaxBet employees have a significant contribution to the company's success, which is why we are actively involved in their qualification and support, so that their skills could be capitalized. 

MaxBet Romania is a founding member of Romslot - the Association of Slot Organizers, currently holding a warrant of Secretary General and three terms of Vice President. Streamlining the regulation of the slot-machine gambling industry, solving the specific problems of the Association’s members and last, but not least, the awareness by the society in which we operate of the real reputation of this industry. 

Max Bet SRL company became a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bucharest, in June 2020, having advantages such as: belonging to a structure with over 140 years of experience in the service of the business community, credibility in relations with business partners in the country and abroad, the possibility to benefit from the advantages of the partnerships concluded by CCIB with local authorities, non-governmental organizations and with the University environment, the possibility to express its point of view on the main issues related to the economic development of the region and promoting and defending interests in front of state’s institutions.

Company's evolution

Currently, the international group MaxBet carries out economic activities on the Romanian market through two companies: Max Bet SRL and Max Bet Electronic Games SRL. Each company acts on a different strategy, but with the same goal: to provide participants in the slot-machine gambling activity with high-quality services, supported by a series of support activities. The international division of the group also includes LED Italia SRL and MaxBet Belarus LTD.

The legislative framework is implemented in all of our operational work points and it’s assumed and continuously supported due to the internal working procedures clearly established by MaxBet. In this way, in addition to the services high standards offered by MaxBet, it is concerned with the safety of customers, employees and all operations and activities.
MaxBet has opened the first MaxFun entertainment center, which addresses a wide audience - children, adults and families. MaxFun welcomes visitors with a modern entertainment facility and offers a series of games and relaxing activities: bowling, billiard, video games, simulators for participants of all ages.
Calea Mosilor, in Bucharest, was the first MaxBet location to be opened, in March. The second location, on Ion Mihalache Boulevard no.111, was open later, in July. Also at the same time, a new standard was set, both in terms of the arrangement of gambling halls and in terms of the mix of electronic devices existing at that time on the market (IGT USA, Novomatic Austria, AlfaStreet Slovenia).

Compared to other organizations on the market, MaxBet uses a much higher payout percentage in favor of gambling participants. MaxBet is also the first network of electronic gambling halls that introduced multi-image devices from the manufacturer Novomatic, which is a premiere on the Romanian gambling market.
Max Bet SRL was founded in July. The first business plan included newly purchased equipment and high-quality interior design for gambling halls.

Locally, MaxBet Romania network is made up of 116 gambling halls, with over 5,000 betting stations and 2 entertainment areas under MaxFun logo, dedicated to all age categories.

MaxBet’s visitors and employees’ safety is a priority for us, which is why we are constantly implementing safety measures for them.

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